by Naked Luigi

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released June 30, 2015



all rights reserved


Naked Luigi Buffalo, New York

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Track Name: Luigi's A Bastard
I hate Luigi, just wanna dance
Luigi betrayed me, just wanna dance (Oh!)
Luigi's a bastard, just wanna dance
I miss Luigi, just wanna dance (SHUT THE CLUB DOWN!)

Fuck the bullshit, riding in my drop top
Fuck Luigi, left him at the bus stop
Had a talk with tha boiz at the pet shop
Saw him with another dude in a tank top
So pissed that he's got a new man
Take some time with the bitches in my minivan
In the morning, eat pussy with my raisin bran
Then I hop off to work on my pension plan
Now I'm looking for a new Luigi
Big dick with a voice so sleazy
Make a sex tape, not quite PG
Conversations go so pleasant

Checking in, yeah, they call me Will's Conscience
Now I'm here to obliterate the nonsense
How could you do me like this, you were all I had
Was it my fault? Was it yours? You got me raving mad
Feelin' like trash, you know I don't deserve this
Got me trapped in an emotional abyss
Wish we were together so we could French kiss
But maybe single life could be bliss
~ Fuck Luigi ~
Track Name: Iced Out / Coked Out
Wake up, get my cake up like Ralph Nader
Time to bust out my shell and get faded
Real talk, it's gettin like X-Files
I walk into the club and the place screams "I wanna believe in you!"
Cuz you're handsome and too good for Luigi
Saw him on Tuesday, we swore he looked like Dave Duchovny
But I wanna keep positive, just keep dancin'
Get my dick sucked, make sure I keep romancin'
My dick is getting wealthy like I'm reading Wealth of Nations
Cuz she sucks my dick in Kansas and we named our daughter Frances
I'm the boss like Hugo or King Koopa
Hold court with the shotgun like a state trooper

I can hear your allegations that I'm hiding from emotions
but I know that I myself cannot accept relations
with a bitch who covers up the truth with lies
hurts the ones that I love best, so be blessed
Track Name: Creamy Karaoke
Come on!

Don't wanna be an American idiot
Don't wanna nation under the new mania

Cute face chubby waist
Greg Toing in your face
Get ready to get real
You know we're the breast
Bitches see me in the club
You know we are human breasts
We out here smoking L's
I am just one breast

Luigi wants to party all the time
I just want to weegee all the time

Lovin’ Luigi is complicated
Man you got me feelin so aggravated
I wanna make sure that you feel hated
cuz the shit you put me through left me wasted
Try to forget the pain, I stay faded
Can’t run away from the past, I’m frustrated
Losing faith in myself, I’m so jaded
I wish loving Luigi didn’t have to be complicated

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Luigi
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Luigi
Though we never thought that we could lose
There's no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Luigi

and I’m the reason why Luigi is leavin’
i tell him i love him, he doesn’t think that i mean it
i wish i could prove to him what he really means to me
if only i could, maybe then he would see
that he lights up my world like a fuckin parade
Luigi i mean this for real, it’s not a fuckin charade
i was under a lot of stress but that doesn't excuse the fact
that i treated the love of my life like vanilla extract
i just hope i can get thru this with my soul intact
cuz the way i'm feelin now you'd swear i was on crack
blood and cyanide running through my intestinal tract
as i OD i hear the words echo out, i’m-a back

hold up, rewind the clock, is this really the end?
i still have some time, let’s just make amends
if i lose you, then i lose my very best friend
and if i let that happen then i’ll have to descend
into the gates of hell.
but then again, it feels like i’m already there...
not to mention, your dick is gigantic. way bigger than Lakitu’s.
please, Luigi. take me back. i love you.
- your boi, Will Brown
Track Name: Real
Tired of the clubs and I'm tired of the dancing
Tired of feeling blue
Screw the hangover, I miss Luigi
Tell him my love is true

Thoughts come to me at night
I need a place to be
Luigi was my life
He was my naked cream
I want to reconcile
I want to hold him tight
Kirby's just a side bitch
Luigi, be my wife

I cherish you
I treasure you
I adore you
You know that I need you
I was foolish then
But I’m wiser now
Did some soul searching
To thee I solemnly vow
Until death do us part
To have to hug and to hold
I want to be your wife
If I may be so bold
I know this is going sort of fast
But I just want you to see
Despite all the hurt and the pain
You’re the only one for me

I waited for your dick the whole night
You never gave me what I needed from you
But now I've got the strength to recognize
My green man
Luigi, now's the time to listen
I looked inside myself and I'm a failure
Tell me what to do and I'll be there
Let's do anal
Track Name: We Are The Shit
If you thought that Naked Luigi was finished with this rap shit
Your bois are coming back with another classic
Ask me who my bois are - Jimmy and Will
Luigi's not too friendly to me but I fux still
Pill poppin' pussies pushing poetry for prophets
Luigi's dick is naked but you better hop off it
No we never lost it, so drop your coins
Before Luigi busts a nut inside his feathery loins
I been around the world, don't speak the language
But Luigi don't need explainin'
This shit is second nature, he's first in command
And when he's feeling sore I rub his anal gland
With no glove, that's where he and I differ
Our dicks are the same length, except his is stiffer
He'll never look me in the eyes, to him I am dust
I'm gonna hand it to tha boiz, they've got some nuts to bust

I wanna take this time to say a quick prayer (just a short one)
I wanna eat Luigi's pubic hair (every last one)
Luigi in the cut! Fuck are you? Fuck with us
Double downin' like Breen, deuces up, we some sluts
Shouts out to Marcel, RIP A. Graham Bell
This shit’s already classic, how’d I know? You can tell
Got my plaques on the wall, savin' space for a Grammy
Nah fuck that, imma stack my bands and buy all of Miami
Shouts out to my brother Bill Brown he's engaged
But honestly I want Luigi too, I'm enraged

Playin' in cream with a diamond ring
Celebrate life, cop each other more bling
Lyin' in the sun with an ice cold beer
He turns to me and says "have no fear"
My dick's like a pen, it won't run out of ink
Fuck til the dawn when we start to stink
Gotta get married, so we always stay true
Both of us got stiff dicks, bitch, do you?
That's right! And I won't cause trouble
Never do drugs, so we fuck on the double
Got a pussy on the side? That's not me
Luig is enough to make to make the dick bleed
Let's go! California sun
Takes me back to the days when I fucked a nun
She a fine-ass bitch with the world behind her
But life ain't shit but a big green dick
Tell me about Luigi, tell me stories
I'll send the dick pics, I'll get the glory
The green man's my bitch til death do us part
Until the end of time, he'll have my heart

We're the shit
We are the shit